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Blue Skies welcomes Axis Corporation to family of brands

Axis employees at the Sidney, Ohio manufacturing facility
Sidney, Ohio facility in-action, manufacturing self-propelled trailers

Monday, March 18, 2024

SIDNEY, OH - Blue Skies Operating Corp. (Blue Skies) today announced its acquisition of Axis Corporation.


The company was acquired in December, 2023 from Axis Corporation, a family owned and operated company that manufactured self-propelled trailers since 1982, starting its roots selling to the death care industry. After acquiring operations, the manufacturing facility was moved to the Sidney, Ohio location.


Matt Oldiges will be leading the transition as General Manager. “I starting my career working with my father who bought the company in 1982, alongside my sister, Linda. The unsung heroes who work in the cemetery digging the grave site, setting a heavy vault and making sure the tents and chairs are perfect were our inspiration – backbreaking work seldom seen. We are really excited about the next chapter of our story as a company,” according to Oldiges.

Oldiges went on to say, “My sister is retiring. I chose Blue Skies to partner up with because Chuck Pisciotta, the owner, is really focused on keeping true to my father’s legacy – great design, new models being launched; and is incorporating more standardization in the product line to reduce turnaround times for the customer -while keeping the ability for custom order models.”

As part of the transition, a big focus of investment is standardizing the models to reduce turnaround time for customers. Additionally, customer research helped to inspire the new brand, TruRebel. It honors backbreaking stories from the field. Defiant by nature, bold in character, and always uncompromising. Social media has begun the transition and the new website will be launching this spring.


“The self-propelled, one-man operated piece of equipment is compact so it is easy to get around corners. It is easy on the green grass, towable over the road and great on hills and hard to reach spots; and it is American-made. This is a really dynamic trailer that can work in not only deathcare but with crews working on pools, hardscape, landscaping and even moving HVAC units,” said Pisciotta.


About Blue Skies Operating Corporation:

Chuck Pisciotta, CEO, started Blue Skies Operating Corp. (Blue Skies) in 2019, by bringing together a group of dreamers (and investors) who believed in the power of the midwestern worker, the pride of homegrown engineering talent and the power of scaling several well-run companies.


Blue Skies positions well-run companies for faster growth by focusing in on organizational structure, targeting on key people, creating operational synergies with other businesses in the portfolio using a shared services approach, and using value-added investors. Valence Industrial, a custom fabricator with factories in Sidney, Ohio and Lexington, Kentucky – was acquired in 2019. TruRebel was acquired in 2023, with its headquarters in Sidney, Ohio.


“When I retired, I didn’t need to go back to work. I came back because of how much I love manufacturing. I wanted to find companies to invest in that were well run, with people of good principle—and hiring more people in a community I loved growing up in,” said Pisciotta.


Blue Skies is committed to bringing more jobs to local American communities, with a focus on employing talented innovators and specialists in their craft.



Samantha Mooney



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