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Positioned to Scale

Engineered Products

Contract Manufacturing

Value Added Distribution

Our Business Model


How we position well-run companies for faster growth


Organizational structure


Targeting on key people


Operational synergies with other business in portfolio


Shared services 


Value-added investors

Our Family of Brands

encompasses a diverse range of industrial products, each embodying excellence and innovation to meet the unique needs of our valued customers.

 “When I retired, I didn’t need to go back to work. I came back because of how much I love manufacturing. I wanted to find companies to invest in that were well run, with people of good principle—and focus on hiring more people in a community I loved growing up in.”

Chuck Pisciotta, CEO

 We are expert collaborators.


Pride in community means an American-owned company that makes sure our solutions are well-informed. We’re here to reinvest in the best people – and to provide better tools to support them. In a thriving business, all voices matter. We honor the fact that there is no process without people and we respect every person as key to our success. 


We cross-train.

We hire to cross-train, and drive innovation by doing two things better than everyone else: We listen and ask questions. Our head engineers meet weekly with their teams to discuss what went well with each process & how to improve, never being afraid to head back to the drawing board. We’re a bottoms-up organization where our front-line workers feed improvement ideas to our managers. And our managers bring those ideas to our senior leadership. 


We are locally sourced.

79,000sf of fabrication and custom manufacturing space in our Sidney, Ohio & Lexington, Kentucky locations.

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